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59 Lark rear end width?

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  • 59 Lark rear end width?

    Looking for the width from backing plate to backing plate on a rear end out of a 59 lark? I have a mopar rear that is a little to wide and i would like to change it.Also if you have run something else that will fit please let me know.Thanks Moose S10 8.8 ford etc?

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    measuring rear ends from backing plate to backing plate will confuse the issue of wheel placement--depending on the brake show width. Bigger heavier cars have wider rear brake shoes placing the backing plates closer when the flange to flange width could be the same. I always measure from flange to flange and that's after I find the wheels and tires I want to use.


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      Stil looking for backing plate to backing plate width on a 59 lark rear end if anyone has that please let me know.Thanks Moose


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        I believe all 53-66 Studebakers (including Avantis) had the same rear end fact the same rear ends. I measured my '60 wagon. It is approximately 52 1/4" backing plate to backing plate.

        Studes were quite narrow. I don't believe there is any HD rear end that is as narrow. A 57 Ford 9" is close, but they are impossible to find. Even the narrowest 8" Ford (Maverick) is a little wider. I've heard Rangers or S10's are a little narrower and will take mild V8 horsepower.

        The stock Stude Dana 44 is pretty stout and no messing with welding spring perches, setting pinion angle, etc. Put in some of Phil Harris' flanged axles and you're good to go. The problem is that even though the Stude rear end is is still too wide for decent sized tires unless you get some wheels with abnormally deep back spacing.

        If you have some serious HP, the best answer is a custom width 9", but you're talking $1000+

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          Thanks for that info. Moose