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6-12 volt conversion

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  • Electrical: 6-12 volt conversion

    I have a new 12 volt battery and 12 volt coil and a resistor. I was told that I wire one end of resistor to the coil and one to the distributor. I’m green on the electric part and could use some help

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    For a six to 12 volt conversion, start with the $10 PPD book, "The Official 12-Volt Conversion Guide" advertised in every issue of "Turning Wheels".
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      That is precisely how not to do it. First off, not all 12 volt coils require a resistor. Some have an internal resistor, and some are wound such that they simply don't need one. If you do use a coil that requires an external resistor, it goes between the (+) terminal of the coil and the ignition switch. Assuming, of course, that you wire the car as 12 volts, negative ground.If the car has overdrive, can I respectfully suggest you leave it as six volts. You cannot put dropping resistors on the solenoid, and expect it to work.You will also need regulated voltage reducers, such as the Runtz, on the fuel and temperature gauges, unless the temp gauge is the direct-reading kind with a capillary tube going to the engine head.
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        Google is your friend...still..!

        Simple as typing "6 to 12 volt coil wiring" into the google search line, push the "enter" button..!



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          12V OD solenoid is easy but can be expensive. Use one from a later 12V car.

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            Yes I am near those streets


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              Actually, you need a 12 volt, TWO-terminal solenoid from an early 12 volt car. Later overdrives used a 3-terminal solenoid that dispensed with the relay.
              Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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                Now on to the next question: What else do you need to convert at the same time.. (Charging system, radio, all lights, etc. etc. ad nauseum.) BTDT.


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                  6-12 volt conversion
                  Generally, you do not have to replace switches when going from 6V to 12V. You will most likely have to rewire the floor starter switch internally or replace it. How/if you can use the floor starter switch depends more on what your starter solenoid looks like. Some take a ground on the little stud to energize and some take 12 volts on one of the little studs to energize. I don't remember which is which, but the change in how to energize the solenoid came at the same time as the switch to 12 volts.

                  As a rough rule of thumb, the things that MUST be changed in converting from 6V to 12V are:
                  -light bulbs - all of them
                  -solenoids - all of them
                  -relays - all of them
                  -voltage regulator
                  -ignition coil
                  -regulator added to 6 Volt gauge

                  Things that do NOT need to be changed are:
                  -switches, including overdrive governor
                  -wires/wiring (If the old wires are good)
                  -distributor points
                  -spark plugs
                  -spark plug wires - if they are good

                  Things that are being debated, or upon which there is not common agreement:
                  -starter motor
                  -distributor condenser

                  As another general rule of thumb, most voltage reducing devices get hot and do not deliver the quality and exactness/regulation that the device (fan, radio ) needs to operate properly. In most cases, not all, the voltage reducing devices will not work satisfactorily. It is best not to put your hopes in them.
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                    No one has asked the question yet of "why are you converting to 12 volts". Perhaps there is a perceived problem that does not need this conversion to address.
                    If this question was answered in another thread, I apologize.
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                      For discussions such as this, it is VERY important to state the Year and Model of the Stude. Car or Truck involved.
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