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Correct ohm range for fuel sending unit?

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  • Fuel System: Correct ohm range for fuel sending unit?

    Any body know what the ohm's range for a 62 gt fuel sending unit? Doing a mild custom and would like to use modern gauge package.

    Thanks, JTaylor
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    I think the old guages read 0-244 ohms or thereabouts. The new SW guages are 0-90 ohms. You will need to match
    the sending unit with the fuel guage.
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      Sorry, neither are correct for Independent Makes with SW Gauges, these must be the common GM type OHM ratings.

      It's 240 Empty 33 Full that you need!

      Here is the Sender:,7848.html

      Measure your Tank depth, there are several. This one is for a 6 to 12 Inch Deep Tank.

      Here is the Hawk Style SW Fuel Gauge:,37691.html

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        Rich is correct. 33-240 ohm; standard for Stewart Warner, Auto Meter and many other generic gauges. Classic Instruments makes fuel gauges in almost any resistance you might need. I just replaced my stock fuel gauge (and the other small gauges) with gauges from Intelletronix.


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          What is the opposite to OHM?


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            The opposite to ohm is mho, the inverse of ohm. I.e., 1 mho = 1/ohm. Seriously.
            -Dwight, BSEE, UVA
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              I've edited the title of this thread. Please remember, when posting threads, that your title is important not only so that you draw readers to answer your questions, but so that in the future it can be searchable and thus helpful to others. Be as descriptive as possible in your titles. Thanks.

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