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Stromberg 2bbl carburetor

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  • Fuel System: Stromberg 2bbl carburetor

    Are ethanol resistant rebuild kits available? I know such is available for fuel pumps and AFB carbs but what about the Stromberg WW series?


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    I would check with Daytona parts Co. Luck Doofus


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      I've been using NOS kits and 'new stock' ones with no bad effects so far. I think our gas is 10% I think if anything, the viton tip needle and seat some kits have would go bad, but so far, so good. I'd check to see if they have just the needle and seat and maybe the accelerator pump and don't worry about the rest of the kit if you are worried. Have you had any go bad from the new gas? . Maybe someone else has other experience with this? Early kits have solid BRASS needle valves.


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        I had mine rebuilt 2yrs. ago so far so good !


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          I rebuilt mine three years ago with S.I. kit and have had no issues with the needle valve or accelerator pump or any other internals. I use Lucas Ethanol fuel conditioner in my 59' Lark as well as my 84' Harley FLT which also has a carburetor. Have torn down carbs in both vehicles after two years to check their condition and saw no damage.Replaced only the gaskets. Both carbs still working flawlessly. The product works as advertised. One bottle treats up to 80 gallons of gas and can be used in gas containing E10, E15, and E85.