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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Electric Speedometer/Sending Unit(s)

    I've got a question about installing a SW Electric speedometer (Deluxe Speedometer: P/N 82698), which sending unit to go with it, and what type...I have absolutely NO knowledge of either. The transmission is a GM 200-4R, the rear is a 3.92 Dana 44. What is a GPS unit, how/where does it get installed, what other senders would go with this speedo, and where/how would it/they be installed? Which would be the best way to go with these senders, and what else would I need? I just don't feel like pulling the speedo gear(s) out of the transmission and going through all that. Thanks in advance, for ANY help and/or suggestions...

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    This is a pulse generator type. It screws in place of a cable to send a signal to the speedo. You calibrate the speedo via switches on it's back side per it's insrtructions.

    This is a GPS sender. It pulls global position information from satelites to determine your speed and changes that info to pulses the speedo can read and display on the analog gauge.,66160.html

    I've used the pulse generator type. They can take a bit to calibrate but work well. Haven't used the GPS unit but did pick up a GPS speedo ,it has the GPS unit built into it, to try in my Hawk.