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  • Electrical: '61 Hawk Tachometer

    Hi all,
    I am beginning to sort out the '61 Hawk project car I recently purchased. The rolling chassis and running gear are already restored. The rest of the car is in boxes. This question concerns the tach. It is the size of a beer mug and has 3 wires, black, white and green. I also have part of a harness with some oddball 3 pin wire connectors connected to the same color wires. The wiring diagram in the shop manual does not reference the tach either in the main diagram or the accessories diagrams. The only mention of it is a short note in the electrical section stating the the tach drive could only be used with the 1110864 distributor. That's the one I have but there is no drive in it. I assume this drive is some sort of pulse generator. The points and condenser have been replaced with a Pertronix Ignitor. What do I need to make this tach functional. Also, can anyone recommend a reputable instrument rebuilder.

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    the tach sits on top of the distributor with two longer spring clips holding it between the distributor and the cap. The drive for the tach is the top of the distributor, You take off the rotor, install the drive, and put the rotor on top of the tach sender

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      I had the exact same problem you had in my 61 Hawk. The tachometer sending unit was long gone. So I replace mine with a "Classic Instruments" Tach (Model HR60SLF) and sent my old tach off to a forum member (along with $240) to get it upgraded to modern guts. Long story short, five years later that forum member still has my tach and my money, so I have decided to keep the Classic Instruments tach. I like it!
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