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    The last two Delco group 24 batteries I had lasted 12 years and 16 years. However, I keep them charged up by periodically connecting a battery maintainer to them.
    Skip Lackie


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      After exhaustive research, it seems like no on can agree on a good battery. For every one which lasted many years, there's three more which failed quickly. Also, AAA does not carry batteries for my car, so all they can do is jump strat me so I can get it to whichever place I decide on. I've always had Die Hards, and never had a problem with them. It's just a bit of a hike from where the car is to the nearest Sears.
      peter lee


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        Optima WAS my battery of choice for years. No longer. I have a yellow top that I abuse badly in an old McLane electric mower. This will be season 11, and still going strong. However, the last 3 red tops have failed early; two within the 2 year free replacement warranty.

        I can tell you what I purchased last, but only have one month of ownership, so no long term report. Energizer gel cell.

        I do not like Walmart batteries. Even though they seem to last long enough, and do have a two year free replacement (I think) they all outgass so badly, that you are always fighting corrosion.


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          Most vehicle batteries are branded. Major chains such as Walmart, Sears etc don't buy from a specific manufacturer which could account for differences in quality. The best bet may be to just purchase from the most convenient dealer who will honor their warranty and hope for the best.
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            JCI is the manufacturer of all three of those brands. A few spec changes between brands

            Denny L


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              Optima was the worst battery I've ever owned. My son wanted the "RED" top because it worked with his custom Infiniti but I inherited it when he was in college. Thank goodness we got it at Costco because in 6 years we replaced 4 batteries even though I had it connected to a trickle charger. Someone mentioned that I needed to have an Optima charger, but the last one I put in I just asked for the one that fit from Costco. Problem Sol-ved.


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                Batteries are a hard item to recommend by brand. Often the "group" of the battery, due to it's design, may be more or less prone to expire early. I have always found that batteries in cars used everyday last a very long time, and those in cars parked for extended periods, trickle charged or not seem to have short lives. I've had good and bad from all the major makers, new cars with batteries that last 10 years or more, and their exact replacement lasting 3, in the same car. All time worst, is any brand 3EE Avanti battery. Third brand and third battery in 5 years with trickle on each one--now just leave it disconnected, check it before trying to start, if low give it a medium amp full charge and disconnect when done using the car. There must be a reason for the short warranty on these from every supplier.


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                  That is Correct, the 3EEE long thin 2 + 2 + 2 cell grouping Batteries that fit '63 Avantis ALL seem to be very Low plate count, Low Amp rating, Low Cranking Amp rating designed for 4 Cyl. Low draw Forklifts and just WILL NOT last due to being low power, overworked or just plain not durable I guess.

                  In Studebaker's Day, they USED to be made in higher Amp. Ratings to handle higher Compression and Power equipment etc.
                  I have yet to find a High Amp. rating 3EEE that lasts also.

                  Usually, Interstate Batterys are good quality but I had no luck with that.
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                    PLE4139 - It's not quite ready for pictures...yet. Soon, very soon...