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Passing of Susan Bowser wife of David Bowser

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  • Passing of Susan Bowser wife of David Bowser

    Susan Bowser of Huntsville, Al. wife of David Bowser, passed away Friday, Nov. 8 after a lengthy illness from c.o.p.d. She was a member of SDC and ASC.
    She graduated nursing school with honors and worked as an RN and charge nurse at a local hospital. Then went into the home health care nursing field.
    She enjoyed our times in SDC and ASC although the last few years was very limited to her activities. Susan did enjoy the times we rode in our 27 Commander roadster.
    She leaves behind husband David, daughter Sarah Nuss, 3 grandchildren and a sister.

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    My condolences on behalf of the Nutmeg Chapter in CT.
    '63 Cruiser
    '57 Packard wagon
    '61 Lark Regal 4 dr wagon
    '50 Commander 4 dr sedan


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      Condolences from British Columbia, Canada.


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        'Sounds like a fine lady, Dave; condolences are extended. All the best. BP
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