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Horn relay in lighting electrical circuit makes headlights brighter?

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  • Horn relay in lighting electrical circuit makes headlights brighter?

    The foloowing link is to a 1941 Packard Cllub Coupe on ebay. (Gorgeous car) In the descripton, it is stated that a horn relay has been installed in the electrical circuit to make the headlights shine more brightly. Anybody ever heard of that?

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    Sure. He's just put a relay in the headlamp system. If you search the Tech board, you'll find many threads on how to update your lighting with relays for better illumination.

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      I put a relay in my 1949 Studebaker headlight system this summer and it made a huge difference. I can actually see the road at night, now.


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        There are special relays made for headlight circuits, they contain 2 relays in 1 box. The larger auto parts stores can get them or I've found them on EBAY for less money. I have relays in my 62 Hawk and the 63 Avanti and with halogen bulbs, the cars have headlights as bright as my 2010 Silverado. Bud


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          Yeah. Use a headlight relay for headlights. Horn relays are meant for intermittent use, and the coil "might" overheat if used for continuous duty, like for headlights.
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            I tried a single relay before the floor dimmer switch, but it kicks out the breaker Any suggestions?
            I am not doing something right. Is it the arrangement of the overhead switches?


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              It is possible the extra current draw due to less voltage drop is causing the breaker to trip; or you wired something wrong.
              Wire #3 (red with a black tracer) from the head light switch to the dimmer. Disconnect it from the dimmer switch and connect it to one of the relays coil terminals
              The other side of the relays coil terminal should go to chaise ground.
              You need to run a new hot wire from either the battery (install a new circuit breaker) or the existing head light circuit breaker. (I would use a 12 gauge wire) to the stationary contact of the relay.
              Then run a new wire (12 gauge) to the terminal on the dimmer switch that wire 3 was connected to.
              If the Avanti manual is to be believed they used 16 gauge wire to power the head lights and fused it at 20 amps with a circuit breaker. No wounder the head lights are dim.
              I would not do it that. I would rather use 2 relays (one for each beam) a new circuit breaker and mount everything close to the head lights. Easier to get to.