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34 Dictator Coupe.

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  • 34 Dictator Coupe.

    I'd like to say hello to all you Studebaker lovers. I've lurked these pages for some time gathering information and knowledge.

    This is a picture of my project that after 20 years in my possession and 28 years in my fathers possession is finally going to be restored. Dad bought it in 1972 with the intention of hotrodding it. There was a small block Chevy in it and a few mods done to the front axle but that is as far as ge got before realizing just how rare this car is and started looking for parts to restore.

    This is me. LOL. Cute little blonde eh? I spent every sprj g and fall with my Dad walking Hershey and Carlisle sitting through rusted parts, not really finding anything but collecting a lifetime of memories and passion for prewar cars.In 1998 my father passed and the car has since been mine.
    So I'm in the very beginning of a long restoration that I am enjoying every minute of the piecing together.
    I'll share photos and ask many questions as I travel this adventure.
    Cheers and thanks for viewing my pictures.
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    Looks like an excellent candidate to restore (or rod)
    Keep us posted
    Bill Foy
    1000 Islands, Ontario
    1953 Starlight Coupe


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      Thanks. I'll post some more pics soon. I've gotten the engine freed up. She is stripped to the frame, has been for 20 years. You and I are close. I'm in Prince Edward County.


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        A '34 three window coupe. Now THAT really is something worth the labor. And 48 years and counting in the same family. Definitely a 'keeper' of the highest order. Hope to be seeing more of it in the future.


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          Some of my progress over the Christmas Holidays. The Engine was seized from sitting so long. Pulled everything off that could give resistance. Loosened of the valve adjusters, freed each valve, gave each piston a tap with a block of wood and to my absolute surprise it turned freely after 48 years sitting!

          As you can see the frame is bare and I have a trailer full of parts that haven't been attached for 20 years.

          Its exciting times. Water pump is out at the Flying Dutchman getting rebuilt. Just received the fuel pump rebuild kit from Then and Now Automotive.

          I've got some family stuff to take care of for the next while so the build is on hold for a bit.


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            My dad used to own a '34 President sedan. Used to have a picture but now can't find it.
            But you have given me reason to keep checking this forum for any further updates.