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  • IDYSD In Northern AZ.

    The Transtar's day started by going to breakfast, then to Safeway for some groceries. My wife & I went to Tractor supply to pick up a new water trough for our horse, then to the hay dealer to pick up three bales of hay. After stopping back home to drop off the pay-load, we went to the Yavapai County Fair for the rodeo, where my stude got to hang out in the parking lot with all the other red neck trucks. After that we headed home. All in all it was a great day, made better in a Studebaker!
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    Sounds great! I finally got Rusty going saturday morning. It ran, sort of, but didn't sound too healthy. I was able to drive from the shop into Seligman, took a couple of pictures of it in front of the big route 66 sign next to the Chevron & headed back to the shop. I've driven it a few times this week & put some Lucas Deep Clean fuel stuff in it that seems to have helped. Shawn Miller had his 55 sedan out but it gave him some fuel problems too.
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