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Studebaker authorized service small porcelain sign ( original or reproduction ) please help!!!

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  • Studebaker authorized service small porcelain sign ( original or reproduction ) please help!!!

    Hello everyone!!! I recently came across this very small porcelain sign which measures exactly 8-3/8" inches in diameter and is porcelain on both the front and back. Can you please inform me weather or not i have a 100% original antique or reproduction made by andy rooney? I have noticed that almost all of andy rooney round signs have a brass grommet on all 4 sides. This sign only has the small brass grommets near the top and bottom edges. This sign is literally in mint condition as i found it inside a barn last week here in northern michigan. I have joined this thread in hopes to get your expert opinion in this matter so please feel free to let me know what i have. The gentleman who sold it to me was 80 years old and told me that he has owned it for over 30 years. Is this true??? I will truly appreciate your thoughts as it will truly mean the world to me and not be taken for granted. Sincerely, steven harmon
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    Looks like a common reproduction.
    They have been made for many years.

    Look here for comparables.
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      I have the same one, bought it about 25 years ago brand new.


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        The way I can tell a reproduction is, when they copied the "Studebaker" Script, they stretched it TOO Tall !

        It is an OK buy for the going price, but do not pay "collector" prices for it.
        You can get a 12 Inch Reproduction for $22.00 or a 23 1/4 Inch for $38.50.

        OK let's say he actually DID buy it 30 years ago, that's 1986 long after Studebaker was gone and reproductions of items like this abounded by then.
        Usually an original from the 1940's, 50's or earlier will be weathered, and have chipped Porcelain and maybe some rust.
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          I also bought the same sign about 25 years ago, and probably paid about $15 for it. I was at an auction last weekend and the repro signs were selling for about 50% more than you can pay at the store. I don't see many repro porcelain signs these days. Seems they are all painted, and many on lightweight aluminum. A repro Champion spark plug sign sold for $88 at the auction, and the same sign can be bought on ebay for about $56. I did notice the repro Champion sign had brass eyelets, while the original had steel eyelets.


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            Yes, pay attention to what Rich said about the stretched lettering. No original Studebaker company logos had that obviously stretched tall lettering. The lazy "S", yes. But not tall lettering to go with it.
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              I agree with those above regarding the stretched looking "Studebaker"; someone came up with that design and it has been copied and recopied on way too many repro items. Here is an original sign with correct script:
              Click image for larger version

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                Thanks to Rich and Bruce for the repro sign information.

                It seems strange that when they make a repro sign they wouldn't make it identical to the original.

                As a wall hanger I don't mind a repro to save money, but making it correctly would be a plus.


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                  Aren't the originals also double sided?
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                    Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
                    Aren't the originals also double sided?
                    I have only owned this type of sign as an original and it was 42 inches in diameter and two-sided. I have seen MANY others the same. All of the smaller signs of this type that I have seen were reproductions. Did Studebaker even make this style as a small sign?

                    EDIT: I should say did Studebaker authorize the producion of, rather than make, since these were produced by Walker for Studebaker.
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