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Windshield washers - option, or factory installed?

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  • Windshield washers - option, or factory installed?

    For 1960 - 66 did Studebaker offer w/s washers or where they an after market kit?

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    Certainly factory on my 63 Hawk.
    Jim K.
    63 Hawk


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      They were a factory option. There were 2 versions offered where the difference was mainly in the foot pump. One version just pumped the washer fluid onto the windshield where the other did the same & accuated the windshield wipers too for a couple of strokes. The only other difference was the washer fluid container. Some (earlier?)had a round, hard plastic bottle where later ones had a plastic bag mounted off the firewall pinch weld or, as on Hawks, a bracket off the battery hold down bracket (for those who still had one....LOL).
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        Lynn: yes and yes. Dan


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          The nozzles varied also, depending on year and model.
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            I believe they were made standard equipment starting with the 1965 models.