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  • Last ride in a Studebaker

    I am requesting help for a last ride in a Studebaker.

    Kelly Marion, who was mentioned in a previous post under passing's is going to have a memorial service in Flagstaff this Saturday, July 23 at 10:00 am. There will be a procession to the cemetery afterward. Kelly's son Sean contacted me about the procession. The city will not allow his ashes to be carried by any firetruck's to the cemetery. Sean asked me if I could arrange for what his dad would want since he can't take a last ride in a firetruck, and that would be a Studebaker.

    If I has a running Studebaker, I would drive it to Flagstaff from Tucson. Since I don't, I am asking for help here on the forum for a contact or a volunteer in the area or anyone in the state of Arizona that would help out with the this last request.

    I will be leaving Friday afternoon for Flagstaff so if I can arrange this before, all of you forum members help will be appreciated.

    I am sure there are many stories about last rides in a Studebaker and I am sure all would like to hear about them, but if we could please hold off on that until I have arrangements made, it would be appreciated. Afterwards, I am sure all would like to read about them, and I will also update about Kelly's last ride.

    Bob Miles
    Tucson AZ

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    Bob, thanks for your kind efforts toward Kelly and his family. Praying that someone will be able to step up for this.
    Mike Davis
    Regional Manager, North Carolina
    1964 Champ 8E7-122 "Stuey"


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      Do a search on this site for "hearse" and you will get a number of threads. If you read down throuigh them, there a number of members that have contracted with local funeral homes to use a specific Studebaker hearse for their services.

      I know studegary has his already contracted, but he is in New York. I'm sure there are some in AZ.

      Otherwise, ask the local chapters for anyone with a station wagon or pickup that would be willing to do this.
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        Hell, just toss me in the back of my '62 Champ and haul me out to the crematorium...lots cheaper than renting a hearse!...and a lot "classier" too.
        Lou Van Anne
        62 Champ
        64 R2 GT Hawk
        79 Avanti II


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          Since ashes were mentioned I would take it to mean he was cremated and ANY Studebaker will fit the bill. It would be an urn, not a large casket.


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            Bob if you can't arrange a Studebaker for the last ride, and if the deceased was a firefighter.
            Try putting the word out to the antique firetruck folks.
            Can't imagine the city not allowing the use of a firetruck for a firefighters "last call".
            I've been a firefighter for many years and there is always a firetruck or trucks available for funerals.
            I drive our fire dept's retired 1938 Mack, and have used it many times in this capacity.
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              Have you tried contacting the Southern Arizona Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club? I'm betting the chapter president will be very willing to help you find a ride for him.
              Mike O'Handley, Cat Herder Third Class
              Kenmore, Washington

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                I contacted our local chapter president and 9 other members at breakfast yesterday. No one offered; I have also put the word out with Chris Collins and Ed Smith of the Grand Canyon Chapter as well. I did get a couple of questions as to the date and time but still no offer. I am willing to pay for gas, food and if necessary lodging. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I have today off work and will be working on this to get er done.

                Bob Miles
                Tucson AZ


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                  If only, I lived closer. I'd offer to provide transport, even if it required a back-up "chase" vehicle in case of a breakdown. If no one steps up by your deadline, perhaps you could go ahead with a memorial service, and delay the final ride until a Studebaker can be available.

                  I'm sure, anyone caring about his last wishes would understand and accommodate his request. I'm sure Kelly has the kindness to not inconvenience anyone respectful enough to open their door, turn an ignition key, and roll a few miles on his behalf.
                  John Clary
                  Greer, SC

                  SDC member since 1975


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                    Thank you John,

                    Thanks to Bill Eastburn, Bruce Sandburg, Scott Granger as well as everything helping me.

                    Sam Powell lives in Flagstaff. I got his name from the state roster and contacted him. He bought a 1955 State President from Kelly 20 years ago and he also used to watch Sean Marion play football years ago as well. Sam is graciously leaving the car at the hotel we are staying Friday night with the keys for me at the front desk. He said use it as you need and just return it when we are finished. I will drive the car with family and his ashes to the cemetery after the service. I will have my wife Jenny get a picture of the procession and maybe write up a short article for submission to Ann for Turning Wheels.

                    Thanks again for all your help.

                    I will follow up with this after Saturday. I do have another story as far as a last ride and will submit that on this tread. If anyone would like to add their story, let's hear it.

                    Bob Miles
                    Tucson AZ
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