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John M Studebaker Wheelbarrow Races are coming up

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  • John M Studebaker Wheelbarrow Races are coming up

    This fun event is just around the corner, come join us!

    Sunday June 19th (Father's Day)
    John M Studebaker Wheelbarrow Races
    During the El Dorado County Fair, Placerville, CA
    Placerville or Old Hangtown, was where John M Studebaker made the stake that eventually financed the young Studebaker Corporation and enabled them to become the largest wagon maker in the world. Placerville truly celebrates Studebaker and are thrilled to have us display our cars on the day of the races. The local museum is in the fair grounds and has Studebaker wagons and a verified Studebaker wheelbarrow on display. If you would like to join us for this event, send me a PM or post up here if you want to come. We need a car count so the organizers know how much space we will need. It's FREE and gets you into the fair and museum for the day. We meet at the Highway 50, Forni Rd off ramp in the In & Out parking lot at 10 AM and drive into the fair together. In the past folks staying overnight have used the Best Western in Placerville, there are other motels as well.
    Pat Dilling
    Olivehurst, CA
    Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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    Perhaps it is because it is a "west coast" thing, but after all these years, this is the first I time I've heard of this event. What a great event, with historical context and a fantastic "fund raiser" mission to boot! I watched the video of the race by the link you included. At the end of that video, it automatically went on to another video that was a TV interview between one of the event organizers and one of its participant champions.

    Good Grief! Almost a half hour discussion of the event! What a Hoot! How much talk can you engage in about a 5 minute race? It is funny! What's so funny about it is how serious the two individuals are about the details. It reminded me of some of those Saturday Night Live skits poking fun at some of the local public service TV presentations, where local folks awkwardly chatter endlessly about how to set dinnerware on a table.

    It looks like a real fun event. Much more involved (and physically challenging) than valve cover races. If closer, I'd certainly attend.
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    SDC member since 1975


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      It is fun last year we were parked just out side the race track. At race time we put two trucks in the infield. Races have heats for different classes under 12 boys girls, teens and adults. Did I say its fun?