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Do you own this 1963 R1 Daytona hardtop?

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  • Do you own this 1963 R1 Daytona hardtop?

    Cousin George Krem and I have been doing some detail research with 1963 Production Records to see if we could determine the Serial Number of this 1963 Daytona hardtop, pictures I took on the way home from the 1973 Colorado Springs SDC Meet, discussed earlier in the topic alerting Bill Pressler about the car, since he had a similar one, but a Skytop with air conditioning:

    Based on what we can see, we have determined with certainty: It is Serial Number 63V19317. That's the only 1963 Daytona hardtop that fits all five of these parameters:

    1. Ermine White
    2. R-engine powered
    3. Does NOT have bucket seats
    4. Does NOT have floor-shift transmission (Powershift automatic or 4-speed), and
    5. Has code 959RV, two-tone red & white vinyl bench seat interior

    Here's what we know about the car:

    1. Destination: Burlingame CA
    2. R1 engine
    3. Heavy-Duty, column-shift Flightomatic
    4. Power Steering and Disc Brakes
    5. NO Twin Traction
    6. Body No. 1592
    7. Engine No. JT-1597
    8. Final Assembly: December 27, 1962.

    Those photos were taken in 1973, when it was ten years old.

    Does the car survive? BP
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