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    Anyone have any experience with the Rust Bullet product, it comes up in a search for POR 15. I used the POR 15 on my 56J and am satisfied with the results almost 10 years later, I'm intrigued by the Rust Bullet not needing(or the claim) as many steps in the process and of course cost.
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    I used Rust Bullet ten years ago to repair a badly rusted rain gutter on a Stude. It still looks great today.
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      Rust Bullet works well. It sticks to about anything, so WEAR GLOVES. Also PPG has a chassis black that works very well, and I can tell you a friend of mine we are doing a Stude for, just used chassis black on his floor pans. Now he has the body up on blocks so he could send the frame out and at the same time paint the underneath of the pans. Well he had some of the chassis black run on to the floor and surround the blocks, and as he was cleaning up this weekend, with the body back on the frame, he tried to move the block, and he said it was litteraly glude to the floor. He said he had to kick the block loose. Now if it sticks to a cement floor, that hasn't been prepped for paint, just think how well it will adhere to your sheet metal parts. Just my two cents.