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Price of any recent sales of Studebaker goat wagon?

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  • Price of any recent sales of Studebaker goat wagon?

    I have an opportunity to purchase a goat wagon that I believe is a Studebaker. I remember seeing one or two sold in the last ten years, but don't remember the price. Anyone remember?

    Thanks Mark

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    Big difference if original or reproduction. I have seen people asking $1500 or more for original ones, but have no idea if they ever sold and if so, for how much.


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      My WAG is $100-$500 for a repro and $500-$1500 for an original, depending on condition, completeness, etc.
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        There was a real nice original one in Dover last year and the price was $1800 , don't think it sold there .

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          The one I purchased yesterday has been hanging in a restaurant (BBQ ribs western motive) for 12+ years and they are changing the look and feel of the restaurant. The wagon was restored about 5 years ago and has not been played with in years before that. All I need to do is get the Studebaker Junior painted back on it. Thanks for the guidance.



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            I saw a nice original one sell for $475 and a junky original one sell for $1500. It all depends on condition, those interested at the time, the demand, location and economy


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              A new reproduction is $750 and worth every penny from this fellow (photo courtesy of our own Richard Quinn):

              Click image for larger version

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                Theodore Roosevelt's kids had one they played with on the Long Island estate. Sagamore Hill.
                Wonder if that wagon survived?
                If so, wow, what a price that would fetch!
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                  I don't have his address, but SDC member and Studebaker "toy" expert Jim Geary comes to mind as an expert on such things. I believe he now lives somewhere near Waynesville in western N.C. Perhaps, someone with a current roster could look him up and private message you his phone number.

                  Here is "My" version of a functional "Goat Wagon." I found it at a local flower nursery where it had been used (and abused), broken down, and finally as a static display because of a bent axle and useless for much of anything else. I gave the owner twenty bucks for it, loaded it in the back of my Studebaker truck and hauled it home. I made a new axle for it, replaced the rotten plywood bottom with expanded metal mesh, repaired the wooden side planks, and (for obvious reasons) put a top on it. It is the best "Goat Hay Feeder" I've ever had. My two little pygmy goats (Belle & Star) love eating their (expensive) alfalfa hay from it, jumping on it, and often taking naps on the top.

                  If I had a true Studebaker wagon, these two wouldn't be allowed anywhere near it.

                  Click image for larger version

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