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  • barrel bolts or!

    I can,t seam to find any info. on these little thinges that push into the holes that hold the letters like lark studebaker & ect. on the front fenders & trunk for my 63 lark, what size & who has them.sure could use some. Thanks for any help. See you in Branson. Mac.

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    My NAPA store has them... they have a small parts fitting binder under the counter that they turn to for them... About $5 a bag.

    If yours doesn't.. PM me.
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      I got mine from Stude International.


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        It will likely help your search if you call them barrel nuts instead of bolts.
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          ebay has 'em all the time. I think there are a couple of sizes, so check.


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            I always attach nameplates and such with clear RTV. That way, it does not chip the paint and lead to rust.
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              Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
              I always attach nameplates and such with clear RTV. That way, it does not chip the paint and lead to rust.
              Now there is an interesting idea. I would have never thought to use RTV for that application. Thanks.
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                Hey folks, sorry i used the wrong terminology on the barrel nuts, but what the heck, i was close, got my answer. Thanks again Mac.


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                  Available in at least six different sizes; be certain what you need. You can probably buy just as few as necessary at any old-time body shop.

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