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WHAT?!? One week to PSMCDR and no "roll call"????

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  • WHAT?!? One week to PSMCDR and no "roll call"????

    Who is coming to PSMCDR 2013 at Mid-Michigan Motorplex on Sept 13-14?? The usual cast of characters?? Anyone new?? We'll be there as we have been since 2001~~
    Frank Remlinger
    Detroit, Michigan
    SDC# A004602R

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    Hi Frank, I'm tagging along with Dave (Warrlaw) and his nice black 1955 Commander. Paul


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      I gotta miss this one.... DARN IT


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        Sorry, I can't make it...
        Tom - Bradenton, FL

        1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2514.10)
        1964 Studebaker Commander - 170 1V, 3-Speed w/OD


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          Hi Frank,
          I will be coming with only the 64 R-3 Challenger this year.I hope you make Muscle Car of the year in Hemmings!
          36 Dictator cpe
          36 ST.regis custom 2dr sedan R-2
          37 Coupe express R-2
          50 Champion convert
          54 champion cpe
          59 3/4 p/up 4wd
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          63 GT hawk R-2 Motor Trend Hawk/Chicago Show Car
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          63 Avant1 R-2
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          64 Challenger R-3
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          55 3/4 T pickup
          64 Daytona
          Brand X :
          70 Duster 340,56 Chevy Del Ray,49 Jeepster,58 Plymouth Belvedere,67 IH Travelall,58 IH Golden Anniversary


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            Denny Lockmon is coming with Ted, Bob, and me...plans are for the Tomato and the Wrapper to be there. 'Been working on the Wrapper for several months and it's ready to go.

            george krem


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              Here is another thread~


              It may or may not have new information...

              StudeDave '57
              StudeDave '57
              US Navy (retired)

              3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
              SDC Member since 1985

              past President
              Whatcom County Chapter SDC
              San Diego Chapter SDC

              past Vice President
              San Diego Chapter SDC
              North Florida Chapter SDC


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                Since last year at this time, I've muscled up my 55 (dual exhaust, 4 bbl, speed rated tires, and a new dizzy). Paul (55s) and I intend to get it there, not to set a speed record, but to entertain. You guys are always entertaining, so I thought I'd add some heritage to all those fast Studes.
                Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                  A buddy of mine Joe Flannery is planning on going with his '63 R 2 Lark Custom.
                  Rob in PA.


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                    I plan on being there with my Hawk. I will be changing my differential this weekend to a 4.56:1, adding a shift light tachometer, changing my valve springs to eliminate some of the valve float and stealing my girlfriends tires off her Lark.

                    1964 GT Hawk
                    PSMCDR 2014
                    Best time: 14.473 sec. 96.57 MPH quarter mile
                    PSMCDR 2013
                    Best time: 14.654 sec. 94.53 MPH quarter

                    Victoria, Canada


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                      Great to hear, Allen. Two black beauties for the Brand X crowd to deal with (lol).
                      Last edited by warrlaw1; 09-05-2013, 10:55 AM.
                      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                        Any new folks coming to the PSMCD drags.

                        Denny L


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                          It's too bad the local chapters don't come out in support of this event.
                          It's a great place to cruise to. Plenty of space to park as a group.
                          It's got plenty of sights to see. The pits are open, the staging lanes are open. The grandstands have plenty of good seats to choose from.
                          AND there's racing toooooo.

                          I'm just surprised on "Drive your Studebaker Day" more non racers haven't made plans to attend and show their support.
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                            I was a maybe, been hoping to go. My car doesn't qualify, but this is a fun event to be a spectator at. But now I see my son has a soccer tournament this Satuday so car plans kind of go poof.
                            I can't get to his week games because my night job started up again. So I better not miss this one.


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                              L'il sister's ready to go. So ya at the track!
                              Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)