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    That Packard powered rod shows up at the Bonneville salt flats every year. I've never met the owner, but he sure did a great job.
    Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
    '53 Commander Starliner (Finally running and driving, but still in process)
    '56 Golden Hawk (3 speed/overdrive, Power steering - Running, but not yet driving)
    '62 GT Hawk (4 speed, A/C, Power steering - running and DRIVING!)


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      Doug wrote -
      """At the Los Angeles Winter Meet, not one but two '30s Fords came with Studebaker power. (Husband and wife if I remember correctly)"""

      That's the Branch familly. They've had those cars for many
      years. I did the headwork on the sedan.

      62champ wrote -
      """At full throttle it probably has fuel dripping from the pipes..."""

      Why is that ? While Carter made many sizes of four barrel carburetors, they all are tuneable. That is, the jetting can be reduced to fit the need/application. While we obviously don't know the size of those carbs., the size of the manifold plenum and the "possible" carb. size, your "basic" comment could be close to true.

      I've seen "proper" sized carburetors tuned like crap...puking black soot all over the back of an otherwise nice looking car...!
      Tuneup...being the key word here.



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        Man! Listening to that straight eight Packard makes me wish I hadn't sold the Hudson straight eight I had some years ago.
        No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.