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    I'm out of Boston, MA and have a lot of questions regarding my 1956 Skyhawk that I am redoing. I purchased it about 1.5 years ago out of Riverside, CA. It was made into a low-rider, is black and has flames on the hood. Does anyone happen to know anything about this car?

    I am working to bring it back to be closer to the original car, so I have a lot of general questions about rebuilding. Looking for some help here as well as if anyone is in New England, or knows of some folks I could chat with locally.

    Look forward to your help!

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    Welcome! Is this car flat black, and was it on ebay? Try and post some pictures and I think you may find someone here knows something. Again Welcome to the insanity.


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      Thanks for such a fast response.
      I believe it might have been...I actually got it off craigslist though.
      And yes, it's more of a flat black, but likely due to age.
      I will post pictures shortly.


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        Welcome to the SDC forum! Google is your friend, I found this site , not sure how far they are from you. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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          These are the pictures from the original post when I bought the car. I can send current photos later.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	56 Hawk big.JPG
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            Reminds me of a -62 Fury I bought once, it had a 70's paintjob all over it & a black base-color so by time I just can-sprayed it black, piece-by-piece & it actually got mighty nice in the end!
            (The white fake leather- & -red crushed velvet interior was something else thou...)