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New Owner- '65 Daytona questions, general and tech

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  • New Owner- '65 Daytona questions, general and tech

    Dear SDC Forum Members:
    I am the new owner of a '65 Daytona Sport Sedan. It has been in storage for some time so I am reconditioning it to driver condition. I have some questions from a Stude novice who has experience with old cars (my daily driver is a 68 Volvo, to be replaced by the Stude; my weekend driver is a '56 Packard Executive).

    1. My car's VIN is C517459. I will order the build sheet from the Museum, but can anyone approximate when in the model year it was built, and does anyone know (A) how many passenger cars Stude made in 65, and (B) how many Daytona Sports Sedans were made?
    2. The car is getting a complete brake rebuild and tune up. I will get most parts from Stude Int'l (to the tune of $800!) but am trying to save where I can. Auto Zone has wheel cylinders and brake hoses with the correct sizes, dimensions, and parts no's. They are cheaper by multiples than the SI parts. Am I missing something here? AZ does provide a warranty on the parts. My car has drums on all four corners. I see on RockAuto that Wagner claims that the front and rear brake shoes are the same size and are interchangeable, but that doesn't sound right. What's the deal?
    3. Was there a cut-off date for tapered axles on '65s or did they just put them on when it suited? I have to ask because my '56 Packard has a mish-mash of factory parts and accessories, straight off the line, that are the result of winding down, and I didn't know if Stude was more methodical in its design changes.
    4. Transmission- I have an Automatic. I know it is a B-W, (35?) and my online research says it is basically the same as the Rambler Flash-o-Matic, but is there a more specific transmission ID? When it comes time for an overhaul, I want to have this information.
    4. On a personal note, I don't know if anyone knows Davis Killian, of Chester, SC, but he was a long time Stude collector from my hometown who got me interested in these cars. He had a huge collection of at least 10 restored or nice original Studes, mostly Larks. I am now 30, and am glad to have my first Stude. If you didn't know, Davis died in March, and so I guess I am doing this partially as a thanks to him for getting me interested in the cars. He let me have my first drive in a Stude in his '63 Super Lark, and it was a screamer. I wasn't even trying to go fast and lit the tires the first time I pulled off from a stoplight!
    Thanks and I look forward to contributing back to the SDC and the forum once I know as much as you all do.

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    Welcome to the forum, you've found the right place to get information. Your car is 10 years newer than mine and I don't feel qualified to offer help, but surely someone will help.


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      Hi Chester? I am glad to hear that we have a new Stude. owner and a prospective new SDC Member, if you have not yet you need to so you will receive the upcoming International Meet Turning Wheels issue, sure to be a winner!

      No the drums and shoes on your '65 Daytona 8, are not the same F to R. It has 11 inch H.D. finned Drums on front and 10 inch H.D. finned Drums on rear.
      This means different, Shoes, Drums, Wheel Cylinders etc. front to rear. You will not find reasonable front shoes, they have to come from a Studebaker Vendor at: or a Brake reliner.

      Your 5XXXXX Serial number indicates a 283 V-8, so the Trans. is NOT the lightweight Aluminum case AS30-35 Borg Warner used on '63-66 6 Cylinder models, it is the H.D. Oil Cooled Cast Iron Case Borg Warner Flight-O-Matic very similar to all 1958 to 1964 Studebaker powered cars, but with a cable Throttle Pressure control instead of linkage rods.

      Studebaker was more precise about running changes than the last Detroit Packards.
      There was a Serial Number change on '65 axles, but I do not see that as being so important, just pop a hubcap and look for a tapered axle and Nut or a flat axle flange used on late '65's.
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        Welcome! Let us hope that you have joined the Studebker Drivers Club by now (from this site).

        Your car is a 283 ci V8. It was built approximately 70% of the way through 1965 V8 production.
        There were 7372 two door sedans built - this incudes 6 & V8 as well as Commander and Daytona Sport Sedan. Hopefully, someone else will chime in with the breakdown.
        I believe that someone on this Forum is keeping a Roster of Daytona Sport Sedans - probably Bob B.
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          Thanks for all the quick info- this is great! This reminds me of the PackardInfo Forum. I guess the S-P people are about the kindest and most authoritative car enthusiasts I have encountered. I think as more time goes by, the Stude folks and the Packard folks will be less evasive about the relationship of the companies and the demise of both. We're all in the same boat as far as I am concerned. Anyone care to comment on the axle issue or the merits of buying from Auto Zone?


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            The engine is a 283 not a 282 or a 265 as previous stated .....I'm sure they just pressed the wrong keys <g>
            Good luck with your car , you'll enjoy it.

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              To all who asked- I am joining SDC. Check is in the mail.
              Another quick question- my car has dealer-installed A/C. I read some tech articles from Stude folks on installing A/C on a Lark. I have a complete system with the EXCEPTION of the idler pulley and the belt for the A/C compressor. Mechanic says system is good to go so long as we can make an acceptable idler pulley installation. Using the advice from the SDC tech article, I told my mechanic that an 80's Japanese idler pulley might work, and he found one that he will have to shim, but he thinks will work. Can anyone give me any specs on the "stock" idler pulley and any information about the correct belt, including a part number? If I need to move this to TECH, I understand (sorry moderator).

              John Robinson


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                Hi, John: Welcome to SDC and the forum. Sharing the storage building with my 1964 Studebaker Daytonas is my 1956 Packard Clipper Super hardtop built in March, 1956; so your Executive and my Super may have been built about the same time! Nice drivers, aren't they?

                Your questions seem to have been answered except the air conditioner issue with the idler pulley.

                I don't have the dimensions of the original, but does that make any difference at this point? If the mechanic has the 80s Japanese idler he thinks will work, just use it. Once he has it installed and fitted where he wants it, run a rope around the pulleys as you would a fan belt and use that rope's length as a guide to shop for a belt, since the "alternate" idler will likely produce a different belt length requirement than would an original pulley. Measure across the top of one pulley to get the belt width you need.

                Your address is Charleston SC, we may assume from the refernce to Davis Killian of Chester SC? We have an active forum member in Charleston who will hopefully see your thread here and post: Robert Bruner. His forum name is rbruner and he is a real nice guy.

                Too, if you get to Charleston's Historic District, dine at the restaurant High Cotton. Ask to speak to the Executive Chef, Joe Palma. He's my son, so tell him Dad of Studebaker fame sent you by and he'll likely hook you up with something extra good! (We are planning to come down to visit Joe and his wife the second week of August, so PM me with your phone numbers and I'll be able to give you a call.) BP
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                  this may help: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...-66Daytona-283
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                    I work around the corner from there on Broad Street. We like High Cotton too, so the next time I am there I will ask for Joe. Thanks for the advice on the AC pulley and belt. I will try to get in touch with Robert as well. Thanks again for all the good info. John Robinson


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                      I know that that Bob Helm in TX sells idler pullies for AC installs. I do not know if he sells the ones specific for 65-66 McKennon engined (283) cars. Look in the TW classified for his ad for AC'ing your Studebaker. I just installed it on my 64 Cruiser and it works great. The belt number I used is Gates XL 9520 13A1320 ( 1/2" X 52-3/8"). I have attached a picture of the idler pulley used on the Studebaker V8.

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                        For the 1965 production year Studebaker built a total of 17,287 cars and an additional 2,160 CKD units.
                        Daytona 2-dr F8 sedans with V8s totalled 1,626 with 1,370 cars having automatic transmissions.