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  • Shake out ride....

    Yesterday was a 190 mile shake out ride for the Champ as I joined Conestoga and RMAC members run to Eaton Colorado for the Eaton Days Car Show and country fair. Somehow our caravan just merged into the end of the parade giving all the kids a what are those cars moment.

    The Champ generally performed well. I had forgotten how strong the 259 is both keeping up with everyone else at stop lights and wanting to go faster than was comfortable with the old style truck suspension. There were a handful of issues identified but no serious problems.

    Kudos to "Studebakersteve" and others for the job in organizing the car show. The pictured 1959 4 x 4 is from his collection.

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    One more shakeout run today.... I needed to reclaim about 160, 20# patio pavers from my son's condo so they could pour a new slab. Took both the Champ and my Dakota to get them. The Champ took 110, a 2,200# load at least as easy as the Dakota did with the balance of them. We marveled at how the Champ didn't even notice it had a load on as it climbed grades in 3rd gear without noticeable effort.


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      I am glad you made it! Thanks for lunch! I owe you! The show was great! It was nice seeing cars that never make it down to our neck of the woods. I think the final count was 3 Packards and 12 Studebakers out of almost 100 cars. Not too shabby!
      Packard Hawk