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US 20 from Buffalo, NY to Soutrh Bend

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  • US 20 from Buffalo, NY to Soutrh Bend

    I am thinking about trying US 20 to the International Meet in South Bend. Any comments or concerns from folks in NY, PA, OH or IN would be appreciated.
    Peter Bishop

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    I live in Rochester NY and often take Route 20 East to as far as Albany. It's a great ride with huge, long hills; very scenic and easy to traverse. There are many extra lanes on the hills to allow faster traffic to pass and the small-town scenery is wonderful.

    I know that doesnt answer your question but it'll bring it back to the top. I did use route 20 in Indiana a few years ago and don't remember any problems. This road (Route 20) was the major East-West route before I-90 was laid out in the fifties. I think its a much better ride if you've got the time.

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      Thanks Murray. Maybe others will chime in.
      Peter Bishop


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        I think Murray hit the nail on the head......."if you have the time"

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          US20 in Indiana is two lane from the IN/OH state line to just east of Elkhart. At Elkhart, 20 becomes the "St. Joseph Valley Parkway". Four lane divided highway. Takes you right to the Fairgrounds at the south Ironwood Drive Exit. It's not a bad road through Indiana, but as said above, depends on the time you have. There is still some traffic on it trying to avoid the toll roads. US 6 and US 30 are also major east-west routes that are used to avoid the Toll Road. US 30 is four lane all the way through most of Ohio and all of Indiana now, but is not limited access most of the way. Some stoplights and grade crossings. 30 has a heavy southwest angle through Indiana and Ohio, too.

          I've taken 20 a short distance into Ohio, where it meets the Ohio Turnpike. The major question I'd have is how it goes through Toledo and Cleveland. That could mean some real stoplight hassles. May want to hop on and off the Turnpike as needed to avoid those areas. Others I'm sure, could tell you more about the road in Ohio.


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            US 20 west from Elyria is a nice road for old car cruising to SB. I also suggest using US 6 from from Freemont Ohio
            to US 31 south of SB. Or use it as a different way back. Either road has nice farm views, not a lot of traffic,
            and no tolls. Some of the smallest towns have no fuel but not a problem in the mid size ones.
            Sauder Village in Archbold Ohio, is a great place to take a break, see some history , have a great meal, and shop the factory store for Sauder furniture and stay overnite. Plan at least hour or two. Eat some pie!

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              I would second the suggestions of HofLVIIIG. I grew up in the west side of Toledo, and would often use US20 to avoid the turnpike tolls. But from your direction, 20 will take you through town. Alternate 20 will keep you south of most of the metro area (Perrysburg and Maumee used to be small towns, but it's been at least 30 years since I went through there) if you really want to stick to 20. It's all pretty flat until you get into Indiana.

              Good luck.
              Jim K.
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                We did the 20 on our way back from South Bend last September. It was a nice, scenic drive with lots to see. A good drive for you in your Studebaker. It will take a little bit longer to get there. We live just outside of Niagara Falls Canada. Roly Hamilton SDC
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