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1963 studebaker Hawk water pump

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  • 1963 studebaker Hawk water pump

    the water pump is really noisy and I suspect it will have to be replaced, anyone know of a reasonably priced pump, I'm debating the possibility of sending mine in for a rebuild, anyone had any experience with this?

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    Studebakers West has them. If you order one from them, you car will still be operational while it is being shipped. Might be better than having it off road for the time it takes to have the old one rebuilt.
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      Since you are in Arkansas, give Studebaker Intl a call. They are in Indiana, and usually ship same day. You will have it in AR in only a day or so. Their prices are as good as you will find elsewhere.


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        Call Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker and get one of the heavy duty ones with the impeller to housing pre set to the correct spacing. There are some pumps out there that have incorrect impeller to housing spacing which results in overheating problems.


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          Look at the Studebaker vendors sites for waterpumps, they are available and plentiful.
          Then look at Bob Johnstones Studebaker Tech site under waterpumps.
          There are dimensions and images of the correct impeller spacing.
          Check the new one, adjust it with a gear puller on the impeller if it is not correct..
          Make sure to use the thin gasket.
          Correctly spaced and using the correct gasket makes all the difference.
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