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66 commander I thought ran out of gas

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  • 66 commander I thought ran out of gas

    My 66 Commander ran out of gas tonight I called a friend to bring me some gas. We put gas in tank it still would not start put gas in carberator it start and die. We went home and got my truck and rope and pulled her home. Her name is Gladass. After I got home cheaked no fuel from the fuel pump and no sucition on pump eather. Tomarrow is a trip to the flap store for a new one.

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    Be careful. The pumps used on the 65-66 Stude V-8's are somewhat unique in their size & the location of the fuel line nipples. A pump from your local FLAPS may possibly hit the frame due to its size. Here is one time you should only get the really correct pump from one of our vendors. I replaced the one on my 66 Cruiser a few months ago. It had what I thought was a correct pump being it was an AC (div of GM) but was really close to the frame & the fuel line nipples wrong. I think Studerich posted pictures of the correct one.
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      Also check to make sure you don't have a dirty, rusty gas tank. Dan


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        My 64 stopped running when some scale came off from the inside of metal fuel line from the frame. It plugged up the check valves of the pump so it didn't have any suction or pressure. I put a filter in front of the pump after that. I already had one in front of the carb but it didn't do much good.
        Years ago our 65 with a 283 stopped running. The carb still had one of those bronze fuel filters in it and the rust from the fuel tank went right through it and plugged up the carb.
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          It a 194 -6 I replaced it today set timing she hasn't run that good sence I 've had her. I have a 94 4.3 v6 and 4L60e to put in her she run so good I might not. she has a new costom tank was on her when I got her.
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            Originally posted by ivorydan View Post
            Also check to make sure you don't have a dirty, rusty gas tank. Dan
            .....OR having sealant and other mystery particles floating around in the tank (gas tank RE-NU a few years ago) clogging the fuel line every so often. Also check the fuel line (ALL of it) for leaks.If you know a decent mechanic have them 'smoke test' your fuel line.From what I'm told, this is a test used to detect vacum leaks in newer cars. A leak was found at the upper most rear of the fuel line around the diff.Never leaked or smelled of gas.I was wondering why Sarah was getting harder and harder to start and would fall on it's face under hard acceleration.If you're going with a new fuel pump, stay away from Airtex.There's a reason they're only $20.Whatever pump you go with, it's going to be REAL close to the frame.That's just the way they designed our "Chevybakers".Sorry to be so wordy here, but I just had my fuel system gone through from the carb to the tank. I hope yours is an easy fix.