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Stude Pure Stock Drags Coverage: Swedish Power Magazine

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  • Stude Pure Stock Drags Coverage: Swedish Power Magazine

    'Need an interpreter, here!

    Many of you may recall Finland SDCer Pekka Polvinen being able to attend The 2011 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race in Stanton MI.

    Pekka is a professional writer for several collector-car magazines on "the continent" and was to have an extensive report published in the Swedish publication simply entitled Power Magazine. This cool mag covers all manner of U.S.-built collector cars, so it was a natural for Pekka's article to appear therein.

    Pekka just sent yours truly a copy of the issue in which his wonderful six-page report appears. THANK YOU, PEKKA; it's GREAT!

    (Well, I'm assuming it's great; it sure looks that way...)

    Now, if we just have an interpreter on the SDC Forum Staff, perhaps they can translate what I'm sure is Pekka's enthusiastic reporting for those of us speaking The Mother Tongue.

    Here's the cover of the magazine and the six pages of the article. At least we can all understand the final text sentence; that's universal language!

    On the article's opening page are Co-Promoters Bob Boden (left, with hat) and Dan Jensen.

    Thanks again, Pekka. BP

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    What COVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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