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    My son and I did our annual back to the 50"s show in St. Paul again yesterday and we were both amazed at the turn out of cars this year. The news says over 14,000 entries but it seemed like a lot more. Saw a few Studes there ,and they showed very good. Ran into a great couple from Ontario who drove down in their 53 Starliner and we had a nice chat. Forget their names for now so if you see this note forgive me for not remembering your names. Seems I can't remember my own name sometimes. Milaca, we looked all over for you, going tom show Joe some fine GTs. Hopefully he will get to see them soon.

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    When mom was still alive, I would journey back to my birth place (Minneapolis) and sometimes go to this show. Lots and lots of cars in a cool setting at the fairgrounds. The only thing I didn't care for was that 90% of the cars are hot rodded, or plan to be hot rodded. I guess it's better than no cars, but I like them stock much better.
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      I have yet to attend the Back To the Fifties car show, which only allows 1964 and earlier cars. One of these upcoming years I want to attend but I would like to bring a Studebaker in really good condition (I need to work on that). Judging by the footage that I saw on the television news, many of the cars attending now are 1955 to 1964 vintage cars that look to be stock or near stock. Looks like a great show.
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