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Value of NOS 62 Hawk front parking light housing assemblies?

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  • Value of NOS 62 Hawk front parking light housing assemblies?

    Can you please share your thoughts on the value of a pair of complete NOS front parking light housing assemblies for a 1962 Hawk. These are the whole works to include the housing, wiring, and lens.

    I think these are hard to find and seem to remember a pair of these selling on ebay for many hundreds of dollars a couple years ago.

    We're contemplating installing them on a driver (not show car and the ones on the car are OK) or selling them and putting that money into other parts of the car. What do you all think these are worth?

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    Put em on ebay for best offer with a ridiculous buy it now. That will give you a real time price. cheers jimmijim
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      Are they painted or chrome? 1962 Hawks came in both variations.
      I agree about putting them on eBay and see what the market says they are worth.
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        Just the lenses are going $100 each.
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