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  • Richard LaPalme visit

    Drove down to Connecticut yesterday and had a great visit with Richard LaPalme, he is a member of the Ocean Bay chapter of the SDC. I bought a C-K Windshield off of him to replace Dorothy's cracked one and we spent a couple of hours talking 'Stude'. It was great! He has a beautiful black 1959 Lark with a 259 in it. As I have discovered with most Studebaker car owners he was kind of talking down the quality of his car to lower expectations, but when he took the car cover off it was beautiful! His exterior and Interior are in better shape than my car, if it hadn't been raining so hard I would have asked him for a ride.

    Great visit with a great guy, and I ended up also buying a rusty spare generator from him I plan on restoring as a backup for Dorothy.
    1961 Flamingo Studebaker Hawk