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  • 1960 Lark

    This 1960 Lark is a real gem! It looks like it was kept in a time capsule.

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    Must be the nicest Deluxe on the planet. About the only thing I see wrong is the placement of the grille emblem & maybe the alignment of the aftermarket outside rear view mirrors. Reminds me of my first car, a 59 Lark Deluxe 4 door in how it started so easily. I would show off & dare others to try and hit the starter so fast that it wouldn't start, & they never could! About the only thing that was fast on the car though...LOL
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      That is a clean, nice-looking little car ... yet another I wish I could afford! ;-)
      Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

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        Originally posted by jnewkirk77 View Post
        That is a clean, nice-looking little car ... yet another I wish I could afford! ;-)
        That car is cute as all-get-out, and the nicest plain-Jane Lark I've seen in a long time! I'd have to fix the placement of the grille emblem, though--obviously, minor. Call it nit-picking, but why make the rest of the car look so great and not take a little effort to find out where the emblem goes?!

        That said, I'd love to own this car.

        The info near the bottom of the ad about "Downtown DeSoto" sounds pretty cool, too!
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          There are always little things you seem to notice about cars you see that really stand out over time. For me (for whatever strange reason) it is the bottom of the front panel that goes below the bumper. They usually get rammed into things when people park or whatever. Not sure what happen to the panel on this one - looks like it might be all the way up under the bumper and the radiator frame got some of the beige paint on it instead.

          This photo has a pretty strong shadow (car being black does not help either) but my '60 is original and no one has tried to push over a stump with it...

          The car is very nice with some errors during restoration that only Studebaker people would notice.
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            I start leery when a firewall has been covered with all that black gunk.
            Something cosmetic has happened here and I would want a close personal examination before investing.
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              Since a dealer is selling it I know they wouldn't take what I could offer. I wonder how long that original 52 year old upholstery would stand up to regular use?
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                the car will never look better than in these pics.......a few seasons in the cruise night circuit and they'll be picking out seat covers, carpet, windlace, etc......there's $1200-1500. in about 2 years.....unless Jay Leno buys it for his collection. This is not a "knock" on the car...just the realistic appraisal for what's facing a certain new owner.......


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                  Originally posted by 52-fan View Post
                  I wonder how long that original 52 year old upholstery would stand up to regular use?
                  I'm not convinced it's the original upholstery as they stated. The arm rests are done up in the same material as the seat inserts. Nice car, but with all that's been changed under the hood, in the trunk, paint and possibly the interior, it's more of a resto than a survivor.
                  Skinny___'59 Lark VIII Regal____'60 Lark Marshal___


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                    Spot on Skinny - the armrests should be the same vinyl as the seats and the original cloth has a much different pattern to it.

                    Here is the original cloth seats in my car: