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    Any one have an aluminum single 4bbl intake they want to sell? Any one of the few manufactures will do but a Studebaker one would be preferred. Not looking for a Caddy intake. Low rise is what I am looking for as it is going under the hood of a 64 Lark, not mine, but if you have a higher one I could use it on my 59 Lark.

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    If you are wanting an aluminum intake manifold for a Studebaker V-8 it will have to be aftermarket. I don't think Studebaker ever produced any aluminum intakes.
    I believe that, besides the old ones that pop up from time to time, someone has been working on a more modern version, but I don't know if the development is progressing at this time.
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      Dave T-bow supposedly has the reproduction aluminum version of the stock aluminum manifold available. I do not know this for a fact but when I asked that is supposedly who has them. Lionel Stone used to make them but since his accident his line of products has either ceased or been sold???

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