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Diff seal need- help vendors

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  • Diff seal need- help vendors

    I BADLY need a front pinion seal for my split center Timken rearend on my 2R10. The part number is 677858
    If any of you have a new one {preferably not nos...too much chance of being dry.} I need one.

    Even if you have a new National Seal part number cross, I can get those easily. Or even if you have all of the dimensions from an old one somewhere I can match one up at my awesome AP store...I just don't want to disassemble then try to find it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    If you have a seal you may also have the 2 pinion carrier gaskets part number 682042. I also need those.
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    According to the Timken catalog, Studebaker part #677858 crosses over to Timken seal 470163.

    Hope this helps,


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      Or, crosses to National # 450163.


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        Awesome...a National seal part number I can get.

        Gaskets anyone?
        I can cut them, but if they are available I would rather buy them and then know for sure they are the exact right thickness and will not affect any of my lash settings.


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          You can save a ton of time and money by swi .......

          Just email.


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            Thanks all of you for the seal cross references. The National number is superceded by the Timken number, so now Timken and National are both 470163.

            I would like to do the job today since my seal will be here in a couple of hours.
            Does anyone know how thick the gaskets are off hand?
            Are they those thin paper feeling gaskets like some are like on an oil pump cover? Or are they more like that gray paper gasket stiff on a fuel pump to block thickness?
            Will it matter if I cut my own gaskets and they are not the EXACT same thickness?
            I have hole punches and and dies so making some is not and issue, I just do not want to mess up any thing. I am thinking now that after I have been staring at the service manual that there is not an issue with the pinion housing changing the lash. It is not set by the nose piece but by the diff housing itself so a few mil different thickness gasket will not affect the important stuff.....yes-no?