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Poor poor Avanti!!!

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  • Poor poor Avanti!!!

    Most of the car is ok but WHY would you do that to the front end of that car??

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    repair after accident damage? Looks Aston-ish, could've done worse, but it doesn't work for me.


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      Here's a link to the full listing:

      I wouldn't have done that, but it is nice workmanship.

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        IMO the front isn't bad, but it no longer works with the rear. Like two separate cars grafted together, which I guess it is.
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          I don't usually care for restyling a nice looking car, but this one is well done and not bad. Overall it's well done . Besides it's just an Avanti II!
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            To each his own, I like it and like Studebaker states dare to be different, wonder how much air it takes in up front?
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              I kinda like it too. I think I would replace that Lincoln emblem in the grill with something Studebaker though. Seems to be very well done.
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                Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should...but that's in the eye of the beholder. I'm guessing that will be a tough sell unless the seller is willing to take a huge loss. Not many like such radical modifications to a beautiful design that doesn't need the "improving".
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                  I wonder if it was done to improve cooling or as an attempt to improve the design?

                  Someone added a Porsche 356 rear deck grille to an Avanti to imporve cooling...though I can think of better ways to do that without changing the design.
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                    This car was at the Mecum auction in Kissimie. If I bought it I would put the original Avanti front end back on it and drive it.


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                      We've seen much, much worse. At least this one was professionally done. Overall, I could live with it.

                      jack vines


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                        The quality of the workmanship appears to be good, but it loses its uniqueness with a rather generic looking body color grille and rounded front.



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                          I don't think that it looks bad. I am tempted to bid on it, except for one thing. It is on a rebuild title. I assume that it got the new nose when it was rebuilt from an insurance total loss.
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                            COOL! Avanti's original front doesn't make me happy & even if I'd done it different this aint to bad. Loox a bit lie a 60's Lancia Fulvia or some other Italian car. Keeps the balance with Bertone (or?) Zagato-styled rear.


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                              His car, his money, his choice. We talk about this all the time so there's not much to add. We'll see how he does trying to sell it. Probably won't get much interest from Studebaker/Avanti people but someone is bound to like it. It does look well done. The one customizing thing that makes me cringe is when people change the wheel openings. That was one of the items that Loewy was very specific about. Rounded and flared just doesn't look as good IMHO.
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