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Checked out a '61 Lark today

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  • Checked out a '61 Lark today

    Firewall tag 61S-F4 4036 S#61S-13166

    This car is in amazing original condition. While the odometer shows 19,000 the condition suggests something between 35,000 and 65,000. I'm sure it was turned back at some time rather than turned over.

    The car is about as basic as you can get. Plain 2 door 6 banger without even a cigarette lighter! The only option I identified was the automatic transmission. Rubber mat in the front only, headliner almost like new, one lonely dent in a headlight rim the only stainless damage, floor boards like new, rockers intact.... tan vinyl seats more fitting in a '49 pickup than a car, bumpers look almost new and the paint generally just begging for my Meguiar's medium cut.

    Car came out of California in 1991 and owned since by a school teacher that used it to commute to her school 1 1/2 miles away until her retirement!

    There are a few low fender bubbles starting to appear and the inside arm rests need to be recovered. I've seen 10 year old cars in worse condition.

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    Buy it!
    Buy it!
    Buy it!

    Packard Hawk


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      Sweet! Got pics?

      Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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        Finally got some pics to upload from my cell phone. Not great pics but you can get the flavor.

        Mama would would not be happy if I brought home another one! Of course I'd have to think about taking her on if it had an R-3 in it!

        Maybe if they have a few weeks to think about it, the price will get reasonable !!!

        Click image for larger version

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