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    The Winter That Wasn't here in southern Ontario seems to be drawing to a close (not that it'll be too easy to notice the transition to spring!); I elected to pull the Lark out of storage even earlier than usual this year, she started right up and is running fine. I've got some part time work now, and a volunteer design internship through April...will be able to get more paid hours once the internship finishes, so things should be improving on the job front as the cruise season approaches. Still intending and hoping to see everyone at SB in the summer...


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    Good to hear that things are coming together for you Steve. I finished my degree at McMaster University last December, so thing are looking up for me as well. My Hawk is still having work done on it it get it up and running. I have a job ahead of me installing all the stuff I have recently purchased and then putting in the 3.54:1 rear differential I pulled out last September for a taller ratio. I too am looking forward to getting my Hawk out as well.

    1964 GT Hawk
    PSMCDR 2014
    Best time: 14.473 sec. 96.57 MPH quarter mile
    PSMCDR 2013
    Best time: 14.654 sec. 94.53 MPH quarter

    Victoria, Canada