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    Is that a blue R4 engine on the right side of the pink convertible? It is definitely an Avanti engine. The surge tank is painted blue also.
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    I see a supercharger bonnet on the single carb.


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      I think that the sign says something about a supercharged engine. My eyes aren't good enough or it isn't clear enough, to make it out. You could probably tell from the original of the picture.

      I was noticing the Mercedes-Benz and DKW as part of the Studebaker exhibit.
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        Originally posted by StudeMichael View Post
        Is that a blue R4 engine on the right side of the pink convertible? It is definitely an Avanti engine. The surge tank is painted blue also.
        Right, Michael; it is definitely configured for an Avanti: Ignition shielding and the radiator surge tank you note.

        However, I don't think it's an R3 or R4 because, by that time, R3/R4 headers were in production and readily available. They would have been a dramatic feature for a display engine, but the subject engine seems to have "regular" exhaust manifolds.

        Regarding the pink Mademoiselle 1964 Daytona convertible. We've earlier determined that it is Serial Number 64V4281 and still exists in somewhat "needs restored" shape, having been painted green somewhere along the way to cover the pink.

        It is/was a base 259 / 180HP engine, but nicely equipped as follows: 4-speed, power steering, power brakes, reclining bucket seats, whitewall tires, padded sun visors, Climatizer, clock, electric windshield washers, push-button AM radio, undercoating, front bumper guards, rear bumper guards, wheel discs, front seat belts, and rear seat belts.

        A personal Mademoiselle curiosity is that it was built the same day as my own 1964 Daytona convertible! In fact, it was the very next convertible down the line that day: September 5, 1963.

        (However, there are 41 1964 V8 Serial Numbers between them, so Mademoiselle and mine were not bumper-to-bumper during general manufacture. Since they were convertibles, though, they were probably next to each other during convertible-specific trimming and such.)

        They also carry sequential body numbers: Mine was built on "L" body #158 and Mademoiselle's "L" body is #159.

        Small world; strange coincidence. BP
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