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Whatever happened to my '59 Lark HT? Any info appreciated.

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  • Whatever happened to my '59 Lark HT? Any info appreciated.

    True story: In 1974 I bought a black 1959 2dr HT Lark VIII from a little old spinster school teacher that bought it new from Bush Olds Pont in Lenoir, NC. I drove the vehicle till 1981 then I sold it off when I moved to Raleigh, NC. The car had very low miles at the time, around 60k. It had been repainted black. The original interior and dash were red. The front seats reclined completely. The car had a 259 CID, 4V engine with dual exhaust. The oil filter was on top the engine. No power steering or brakes. When I had the carpet replaced (black) there was cancer in the back floor board (due to sitting outside with leakage) that was replaced with sheet metal. The original rear-end failed around 1976, and I bought a replacement from the late HT Woody in Hickory, NC. All he had at the time was a used HD Avanti rearend. So the rear brakes were 11" I think after that transplant. The new rear end was bigger too and hit underneath the car whenever a bump in the road or parking lot was encountered. So, we installed a set of Cure Ride Air shox and jacked it up a bit. I also put fog lights on the front chrome bumper which necessitated drilling holes in it.

    So, 30 years ago the old Lark was somewhere is the Carolinas. Based on the specific info above, does anybody think they know it's whereabouts today or the ultimate disposition if it was wrecked, retired, crushed or abandoned? Any info would be much appreciated.
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