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Today's project, fuse panel for the Champ

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  • Today's project, fuse panel for the Champ

    Having discovered that the electrical protection on the Champ is random scattered inline fuses and breakers internal to switches, the dash out provided opportunity to consolidate control. Other than the issue of finding randomly located fuses I was more concerned as to whether after 50 years the breakers would break even with a direct lightening hit.

    I elected to fuse in front of breaker switches, as well as after each of the headlight switch outputs. In addition I'm routing most inline fuses to the fuse block.

    Attached picture is of 3 five fuse blocks mounted temporarily on a 1x3. The unit will soon be transferred to high on the driver side kick panel. The left block is dedicated as a sub block of lights. The center block is switched accessories and the right block is live power such as dome light fusing in front of the headlight switch. Connections must still be provided for idiot lights and OD kick-down switch

    All connections accept existing spades instead of cut and splice of wires to allow easy introduction and validation of each circuit. The only modifications are the addition of a double pole double throw switch fed from the turn signal flasher and fed to parking lights and tail lights to create an emergency flasher and addition of a dome light.

    Click image for larger version

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    Looks Good Merlin, but don't you think it is a bit overkill to double fuse everything? The fuse block should do it just fine.
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      Yes.... The double fuse is only on the headlight switch. I wanted to individually fuse the sub circuits and it only cost two wires to put a larger one in front of the old switch.