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Unusual Hawk Sighting, Texas

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  • Unusual Hawk Sighting, Texas

    Spotted an unusual Hawk late last Christmas Eve at a Wal-Mart parking lot in Arlington, Texas. Wanted to see if anyone had seen another or knew anything about this particular model. I saw it from the rear first. It appeared to be the body of a '56 Sky Hawk and it was a solid color Platinum, similar to a Lexus color. The emblems on the trunk read: " Platinum Hawk LE" . I had to stop and look it over more closely even though it was approaching midnight. The interior was similar to a '57 Golden 400 but with bucket seats, a console and a four speed shifter. The grille emblem read "R/3". The wheels were obviously Packard Kelsey-Hayes and had shiney, slotted disk rotors peeking through. Anyone ever heard of or seen another? Couldn't trace the license plates as they were personalized but they read "Dream On". Please let me know, and have a Very Merry Christmas!

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    Please excuse the mistaken "double post".


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      hey if you ever get up to the DFW area I am close by just off 121 you are welcome to stop by give me a shout/PM ahead
      1947 M5 under restoration
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        Sounds interesting. I would like to see pics and hear more about its drive train. Slotted disc rotors scream of a body on a differnt chassis.