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Unusual Paxton Prod. supercharger component on the bay

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  • Unusual Paxton Prod. supercharger component on the bay

    Here is an ordinary 57-8 2V carb pressure box which has had an extra inlet installed and the original inlet blocked off. Has anyone ever seen one like this or know what it was modified for? It was originally made when McColloch superchargers were in use, but was evidently modified later by Paxton Products by the casting on the block off plate.
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    I'll bite with an idea. Could it have been a Paxton test for a model that would allow for a different mounting setup of an A/C compressor in a supercharged car? 57-58 you could get A/C in your Golden ISTR, (but not 63-64 GT) but it would be pretty busy under the hood.


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      This is not the only one I've seen, so there must have been some other purpose. Have never seen one on a Stude. I'll look around for more photos
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        Keep in mind that McCollough/Paxton was selling kits to add blowers to a lot of different cars. Modifying a carb box design they already had to change the inlet side would be more economical (and quicker). No telling how many 'interesting' combinations of parts were made for these kits.
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          The 57 & 58 Golden Hawks w/AC used the same s/c set-up used on non-AC models, with the compressor located where the gen would have been... Did Paxton ever offer a modified 57-8 S-P carb box in any of their catalogs or did they just sell the block off plate?
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