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Another R-10 resurrected... how great are these old Sudebakers?

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    I have to say, R10s have kinda grown on me. My brother has had a rolling project now for several years and it just gets nicer and nicer. Before he got his, I had zero interest, but that one has made me take notice. Yours is looking like an excellent specimen, no matter whether you drive it, restore it, or both.


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      Cool story and sounds like you really scored.

      We forgive you on the Sudebaker thing but,.... wiring eated by rodents has me worried.

      Just kidding, I want that truck.



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        I think this one is going to stay Warrior, body-wise, but I want to mechanically rebuild it, at least for brakes, tires, etc., to make it completely trustworthy so I can drive it around town and wait to hear a passer-by tell me it has a Chevy engine and was built in Canada...

        I might have to call it Kermit because that's the color it is...and painted with a brush, no less.

        As long as the engine runs decent without a rebuild, I'll be happy. I had a bunch of restored cars & trucks but I have to admit I have a special fondness for a battle-scarrred original. The last R-10 I had was in Buffalo in 1979 and it was painted Jonquil yellow with a brush. I think it's still in the Buffalo area and at last report a few years ago still had the yellow paint job.

        Anybody know of it's whereabouts? It was a 49 R-10 with a Champ six, column shift.