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    The front driver's side door on my '41 Champion sedan absolutely refuses to lock. All the others lock perfectly. I was wondering how to take the door and window handles off so I can remove the interior door panel and get to the lock assembly. Thanks in advance.


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    I had that problem with my truck. I took the assembly out of the lock mechanism and discovered that the square rod would fit back in in 4 different positions, only one of which allowed it to unlock the door. Maybe it's something simple like that.
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      I am sure that is part of the info he needs, but I think he is also asking how to start the investigation process by removing the door handles and window cranks themselves. I Could be wrong though.

      kmb, I am not sure on a '41 but on my '49 C-cab there is a small phillips head screw in the center of the door handle and the window crank that retains them on the shaft, then on the door handle it sits on a splined shaft that just requires a little gentle jiggling and tension to slide it off. The splines allow you too index the shaft to almost any clock position that works best for you. The same basic system for the window crank except the shaft is square only allowing 4 orientation positions.

      I like to roll my windows all the way up, then all the way down and find which of the 4 clock positions interfere with my knees or elbows the least at full up and down positions...that is just comfort though.

      Again, I do not know on a '41 car, just giving some reference ideas so you can take a look and see if that is what you have.

      Others can hopefully offer better info, but that may get you started.


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        My '50 has cotter pins. Push the door panel into the door until you can see a portion of the shaft including what is holding the handle to the shaft. It'll be REALLY easy as soon as you push that panel in.


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          Before you take the whole door apart, try what Sdude says. That is usually the problem. There is only one position of the lock, out of four possible positions, that allows you to lock and unlock from the outside, plus lock and unlock from the inside. Once you get it right, it will all work like magic.
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            Thanks! It was the square rod after all. I just had to turn it to the next position, and it worked perfectly. If anyone wants to know, the interior handles were held on by a single pin (one per handle). Just push the panel a little bit (and the ring surrounding the handle) and they're there.

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            "What a lucky thing the wheel was invented before the automobile; otherwise can you imagine the awful screeching?" - Samuel Hoffenstein