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    Have not always been the biggest fan of Champs, but this one is winning me over. Just Beautiful.
    I posted this because I LOVE the seat in it. I think I want to do the seat pattern for my truck this way. I love the weave or woven look to the fabric.
    It may be someones from here, but very sweet.
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    Very nice truck.
    "In the heart of Arkansas."
    Searcy, Arkansas
    1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
    1952 2R pickup


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      That truck may look better than a brand new one.


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        I just saw this same truck on Craigslist/ Inland Empire without a price on it & only 4 pictures. It is exceptionally nice looking & detailed but why after all that work didnt the owner use a molded radiator hose instead of a mickey mouse universal one? Makes me want to get going on my 62 especially since mine has a radio, heater, 5 speed o.d. & A/C !
        59 Lark wagon, now V-8, H.D. auto!
        60 Lark convertible V-8 auto
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        62 Champ 3/4 ton 5 speed o/drive
        62 Champ 3/4 ton auto
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        64 Zip Van
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        66 Cruiser V-8 auto


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          As soon as Oscar is on the road, I will come up and help with your '62 warren.


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            I checked that add again and there had been more bids. I had a revelation moment. If an SDC member buys it and they live very far away, I will be HAPPY to store the truck HERE at my place until you can get time to fly out and drive it home.
            In fact, I will be willing to store ANY RUNNING Studebaker here until someone comes to get it....{how do I make that devious smiley face?}