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Aluminum Radiator replacement

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  • Aluminum Radiator replacement

    I have purchased two down flow radiators from a company called entropyrad guaranteed to cool any LSX motor up to 1000 hp. Picture is attached. The top tank was copied from a 1954 Chevy. Same look as the original rad. It bolts directly in to my core support, being the exact dimensions as the original. Also has built in trans cooler......for under 500.00 !! The owner is Tony and website is
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    Same size as Hawk or Lark rad??
    Brian Woods
    1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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      Given the looks of the top tank looks older..........even than my 50 Champs.



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        Looks good, but a little pricey for what you show. For that money I'd like a closer look to original.

        Here's a thread from a while back. This one is also a bit different from original, but half the price:

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          Cross flow radiators cost a couple hundred bucks in standard sizes. Would require adding the tabs for the core support attachment. But I wanted the same look in the compartment that exists presently. Therefore opted for the 54 chevy top tank. In that I am buing a few rads the exact cost to me on the two was would have been 445.00...... like I said under 500.00 and no tax.


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            So, I guess no one is going to ask. Whatcha puttin' it in ?


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              Sorry flashback ....have a thread on my 56J is a url to photobucket from beginning to date, which I post to regularly.


              To answer your question flashback, am replacing the Packard 352's in a number of 56J's with LS1's and 5.3 vortec LS motors with 4L60E transmissions.

              The radiators made for me are for Hawks but am sure Tony would make period rads for anything anyone wants.