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Getting out of the upholstery/carpet/headliner business

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    Originally posted by dnevin View Post

    (unfortunately, they didn't have a "bawling my eyes out" emoticon!)
    I have one. The products are great in quality and price. I hope someone can take over to provide that AND also importantly the excellent service that JDP provided. Thanks JDP.


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      Originally posted by JDP View Post
      Too much of a hassle for the small profit involved and with me now working full time. If I get a few returns for a year for the color that is wrong or off or the like, I'm barely breaking even. If Matt or someone wants to get hooked up with the vendors I use to make them, PM me. I'd suggest moving up the markup over the 10-15% I foolishly tried to use to cover a occasional return. I'll have some open box returns to sell, but not taking new orders.

      SAL, worked very well together. Is/was SAL interested in carrying on that part of your business??? TIA


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        Not to steal anything away from what JP has been doing, but there are a couple of other dealers for the same stuff.


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          I am sorry to hear this. I bought several sets of Autocraft seat covers from John and bought several sets prior to that from I think his name was Winston whom use to advertise in Turning Wheels many years ago (sad how we tend to forget names after 20 years). It has been nice dealing with these guys whom specialize in Studebaker as they know the in and outs of what to order to get the job done right. My last set was for one of my 50 Commanders and not all vendors would know that in the Starlight the rear seat is narrower. I have been pleased with every set of them I have had.

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            Originally posted by mbstude View Post
            Not to steal anything away from what JP has been doing, but there are a couple of other dealers for the same stuff.
            Who are they? I need a headliner.
            Neil Thornton


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              Originally posted by rockinhawk View Post
              Who are they? I need a headliner.
              Rene Harger is one of them, he just doesn't advertise it. I think Dave Thibault might as well.


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                Interesting idea. I'm always open to the possibility of a new venture, but knowing zilch about upholstery I'd likely be over my head.

                I hope somebody in the Stude world takes the baton. I love Rene's and Phantom's work, but there's a real need for good driver-quality seats. Hard to justify a $3K interior in a $1K Lark...
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                  John, sorry to hear your business decision to shut down but I understand. If you have in your stock a headliner for a 65 Cruiser, I could use one. The car is not quite ready for it but I always assumed you would be around and you have always been very fairly priced.

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