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  • . Plow Truck Candy . ( vintage )

    I`m 99.999999999 % sure thats a Studebaker . .

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    I'm 100% you are correct!
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      Apparently the plow blade wasnt heavy enough to apply down-force for scraping the pavement clean, so they applied some female weight to it.
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        I would NOT want to be the one to install the chains on the inside tires of those duals!


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          I'm guessing a 1937 model J20M.
          Skip Lackie


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            Great picture. I'll have to show it off at work tomorrow. Vintage snow bunnies too!

            Gordon S


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              Originally posted by aarrggh View Post
              I`m 99.999999999 % sure thats a Studebaker . .

              ...and I am about the same precent sure that the poor thing rusted away in about five (or less) years!
              John Clary
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                New York Worlds Fair on the door is COOL.


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                  Digg it!!!!

                  Now show us a side view- I wanna see that truck's body.

                  I'm guessing that one of those two might be the driver?
                  The boots/outfit give it away...
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                    That is one of several pictures I have seen of Studebaker trucks involved in the 1939 New York World's Fair. This a wonderful picture. Thanks for posting it.
                    Joe Roberts
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                      Stude 4x4 Plow

                      Here's some pics posted on the Truck Talk Forum about 11 months ago of a Stude Plow in action.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1455.jpg
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ID:	1671097
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1458.jpg
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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1461.jpg
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                        Originally posted by Mark57 View Post
                        Here's some pics posted on the Truck Talk Forum about 11 months ago of a Stude Plow in action.

                        Mark, that's Phil Harris of Fairborn Studebaker and his 2+ year-old grandson plowing the long lane to Fairborn Studebaker in Fairborn OH. BP
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                          Does anybody know (or can you make a good educated guess) what color this World's Fair truck was? Red? Wouldn't it be cool to model, or better yet restore, a truck with the appropriate markings and color scheme? There's a die-cast model of a pre-war Stude cab-over isn't there?
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                            Here is a stamp with the same Logo as the Snow plow on its door. Maybe it is the same color???


                            This train was an exhibit at that fair, you may imagine that snow plow in this color which would be very pretty.



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                              According to Wikipedia: "The colors blue and orange were chosen as the official colors of the fair, as they were the colors of New York City, and featured prominently."
                              I will guess that the truck was blue.
                              At the bottom of the Wiki article are many weblinks with more information, and I came upon the following link with a color movie of the 1939 San Francisco and the 1939 New York fairs. Take a look!

                              This link has many color photos of the New York World's Fair:

                              This page shows the 1939 New York World's Fair graphic as being orange background with blue text. So perhaps the truck is orange with blue writing?
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