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    I just returned from a 480 mile romp in my Stude. I was passing about 5 miles from Roy's place and I just had to stop in. Caught him having breakfast. He is living solo, now, and he must be at least 85? (sorry Roy if I aged you). He still has a yard full of parts cars but says all his new stock (NOS) is with his son. He says it gives him an excuse to visit. I told him about the PSMCDs. He said he was there a few years ago and met all the major players. I offered to take him again, but he graciously declined. I have to post my fall pictures of his Studebaker farm.

    My car ran well, but for one little incident. I can hear StudeRich saying "throw that unvented gas cap away!" I bought a new one and it looked vented. Looks are deceiving. The car died on the highway and when I pulled that d*** cap off: Whoosh! Then the tank popped back into shape. I ran the battery down so I pulled out my "Eliminator" storage thingy with an A/c inverter and plugged the 6V charger in. Car still wouldn't start. Then I realized that with the collapsed gas tank, the sending unit thought the tank was half full. It was empty. Some gas and I was back underway. 480 miles, visit with Roy and my 93 three year old uncle and made it back home without a hook. Am I proud? PSMCDs here we come (lol).
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)

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    Yep, you got it right Dave, only the '62 to '66 Lark Type non-Wagons and Avantis get a unvented Cap, all the rest are vented for a reason.

    I still remember the day in Dec. 1959, that Dad had to have his brand new Dealer Demo Williamsberg Green (Dark) '60 Lark VIII Deluxe, stick, 2 Dr. Sedan towed back to the Dealer when it quit at home, only to find the tank collapsed from a defective Gas Cap!
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      Glad to hear that you work through your problems, Dave. I never thanked you for your "standing invite" made in an earlier thread, if I make it to the Barrie area. Likewise, if you find yourself out and aboot near the Royal City, give me a call. PM me for my info if you would like.


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        Thanks, Matt. Wouldn't have made it this far in rebuilding my car without help from this forum and SDC vendors. I have an NOS windshield in the car from Roy and a few other parts. He gave me a flourescent orange "Caution Fan" sticker for my shroud, but I think that was for cars after 55. He heard the motor running and liked the sound. He could hear the tappets and gave me some encouragement for the Detroit Gear automatics. He said he had some Zzdp in stock and I should have grabbed it. I have four bottles on order from S.I. but should put some in there, now. I have a little oil seeping from the partial flow filter can and that caused a stinky, warm sensation in a hot car after 12 hours on the road. The dog and I both needed a shower. Time to get the bugs off the car. Noticed my first stone chip on the $1600 NOS grill....but she's a driver and more chips to come.
        Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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          Glad to hear that Roy is doing well. I had him rebuild my overdrive transmission for my Wagonaire two years ago, and he did a superb job! It was a bit out of the way for me, but since I was going to Ottawa on a trip from PEI, I took the side (all day) trip down to Marmora <g> Worked out, because I found a 57 Studebaker on the main street for sale that Roy did not know about--if you can imagine that! <gg> I later came back and towed that 57 Champion back to PEI with the Jeep (since departed) in my sig picture--its the manual overdrive one. BTW, where is his son located? I did know, but have lost my note.


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            Hi, Jim. I think his son is just south of Lindsay. That's about half way from Roy's to my place in Barrie. His son was nice enough to come to my place with my new windshield a couple of years ago. That would be close to Roy's original garage, too. I noticed some artwork advertised in TW: Graham's Garage. If I get a chance over this holiday week end I'll post my 2009 pictures of Roy's farm early on a fall day.
            Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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              Hi Dave,

              I don't think that we have met but I am looking forward to seeing you at the PSMCDR. I hope that you are going to race your car. No sense driving all that way without getting into the action. That's how I started. I just went there to watch but immediately got involved. Do not worry about being slow or breaking something. Studebakers don't break It is normal when you first begin racing to be a bit apprehensive and the car will not perform to your expectations but this is the fun part. It took me 10 years to get my Avanti to where it runs today.
              I am staying at Maxfield's and will get there about 4:30 on Thursday.

              Peter Sant


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                Were are not sure what time we are leaving for the PSMCDR but did you still want to team up on the Highway? Is Paul R coming along? Our plans are still quite open. We are staying at Maxfield's Inn as well. We've booked there from Thursday to Saturday. I'm not sure when Bob B. is heading out but I would imagine he will be leaving early on Friday morning.

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                  Peter, just getting my car there will be a thrill. Haven't met you, but have read about you, and I look forward to watching you run. Allen, Paul Revell actually made it to Barrie with his Packard Hawk and took it to the local event at Sunset Speedway. I just sent him a link to pics of the event and I'll ask him if he's going. I have to work until at least 3:00 p.m. on Friday and then I'll start out. Hope to be able to catch all day Saturday.

                  I'm gonna post in the technical section, but I'm still getting residual brake pressure, although not as bad as locking up like before. I've had the garage next door back all off adjustments and I have lots of free pedal until I get under way for 10 or 15 minutes. Been through the master and the switch and the lines.... Next I'm thinking a bad wheel cylinder. There must be a method to disconnect or isolate one wheel at a time, take her for a drive and see if there's a problem (slightly dangerous to advise anyone to do that, I know). I have to round up a puller to change out the rear cylinders, but if it has to be done, it has to be done. Cheers!
                  Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                    Dave , make sure your MC has a vented cap on it . What you say sounds like a cap that isn't vented to me....I've seen this before.

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                      Thank you. That will be on the search and destroy list just like my gas cap!
                      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)