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    Originally posted by pastormatt View Post
    Guess I'll have to put some ice in the car or something under the seats ;-)
    I've seen Vintage Air or similar A/C units in everything, including pre-War Studes. Just do a little research.



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      Originally posted by JRoberts View Post
      I live in Fayetteville and am the newsletter editor for the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club. I would certainly like to welcome you to Studebakerdom and also invite you to join our chapter. There are three of us in the Fayetteville area who are active in the ENCSDC. I will send you an email to get a little more information so I can get a newsletter to you.

      Joe Roberts
      If you're still on this forum Joe.. I'd like to reconnect... I'm a couple weeks away from the paint being done and about to get it on the road after all these years!!!!
      Pastor Matt Crump


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        Matt, welcome back! That sounds like an awesome project. We have several meets coming up in the ENC chapter...I hope you can make it, even if your '38 isn't ready. Oh...we also like pictures!
        Mike Davis
        Regional Manager, North Carolina
        1964 Champ 8E7-122 "Stuey"


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          Welcome to our group, among the best of these kinds of organizations. Studies are unique cars and when you bring your car to shows, don't be surprised if yours is the only one there, and how it attracts people who've been seeing the "usual suspects" all day.
          peter lee


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            I am still here. If you can send me your email via a personal message. I will send a recent newsletter as i am the editor of The Down Easterner of the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the SDC. I will also send you my phone number and we can talk about details. We hope you will attend one of our meets. Hope to hear from you soon.
            Joe Roberts
            '61 R1 Champ
            '65 Cruiser
            Eastern North Carolina Chapter